Morning WALK !!

Posted on 18 October 2018 07:35:42 by Bmmedizone

Early morning walk is one of the best exercises for our health. A 30-minute walk early in the morning is worth a 2-hour hard core exercise in the gym. It gives us a sense of happiness, calms our agitated nerves and cools the mind, body and soul. The fresh oxygen that we often miss in concrete jungles of our cities may be easily utilised in the early hours of morning. The freshness and mist that you feel in the early morning is hard to find.

Walk for a healthy mind and body

Morning walk is also called as Ambulation. The oxygen that you get earlier in the morning gives energy to your joints. The air in the mornings is usually fresh and free of dust and smoke.  A walk in a park or on the bank of river will refresh your mind and body. The breeze of the river is a tonic both for body and mind, the rosy color of the sunrise bring to us a wealth of pleasure.

This is an exercise which is suitable for all aged people, walking does not require athletic ability.

A morning walk is the most rewarding as it reduces mental stress and drives away lethargy.

A naturally available medicine, that is your morning walk also allows you to get rid of any gastric blockages in the body that might not allow you to get a sound sleep, and also adding to the excess of pain to your body. Most diabetics have noticed a remarkable decline in their blood sugar levels.

Morning walk will help fight against stress and aids in relaxation. It helps to increase the body activity, accuracy and provides flexibility. It helps us to have a control of the body weight. It is one of the best ways to remain fit. It will increase bone density and help prevent bone damage. It will increase mental well being. It would help you in spending more healthier, safe, and worthy life.

In today`s polluted world, the only time when your lungs feel relaxed is early in the morning. We can get a little time, not filled with noise of traffic but with the relaxing sound of chirping of birds, the clear view of the blue sky relaxes you. Morning walk for people who are having heart problems, and other such diseases can work wonders. Apart from being an activity which helps in reducing mental stress it helps in keeping the body active and fresh all day. Walking early in the morning on your foot provides abundant oxygen to the body which induces rich blood circulation and removes waste toxins out of the body, resulting in purification of the blood.

While walking stretch your arms, legs, shoulders, joints etc and take deep breath during whole course of morning walk. Walk at least 20 minutes a day; keep your back straight and shoulders fixed just slightly backwards. Walking is one of the best, safest and most natural forms of exercise.

It helps to control your blood pressure; physical activity strengthens the heart so it can pump more blood with less effort and with less pressure on the arteries as the cholesterol in the body reduces gradually. Taking a walk regularly is one of the best things you can do for your back. It promotes muscular development, increases circulation. It increases your metabolism and blood circulation and also lowers your blood sugar level. Also the sweat takes out salt and dust from the physical body. In addition, this also gives a great relief to back pain.

Always walk in a brisk and upright manner and keep a fixed time for walking. Walk your way to a healthier, stronger body and mind!