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Health is Wealth

BMMedizone seeks to re define health care for this dynamic age. Our vision is to harness the power of technology to choreograph the complex health care value chain for the benefit of patients. We are improving accessibility, reliability and affordability through efficient demand aggregation, supply chain re-engineering and analytics.

As an innovative start-up led by a young team of thinkers and doers, we are working since 35 year.

In medicine industry as a brand and symbol of purity and trust, our vision is to reach in every nook and corner of India stretching our supportive hands to our retailer friends so that they can get medicine drug and non-drug for their stores in competitive price and 100 % assurance of genuine medicine.

We are differentiated by our collaborative approach in working together with existing health care players-physicians, pharmacies and diagnostic centers to deliver convenient, affordable and hassle free care to patients. Our aim is to create a vibrant ecosystem which helps both patients and our partners.

With the BMMedizone app, we are making your mobile devices a gateway to a world of health services. From Tele-consultations and diagnostics to buying medicines online and receiving a host of at-home services, everything can be done from the convenience of your home. We take ownership of the total patient experience and strive to deliver world-class care across touch points.

Health is wealth-hence adding to the strength and margins of our partners, our approach to delivering care builds on this principle. We ensure that we work with partners to complement their strengths in an environment of trust. Today, hundreds of partners and patients trust BMMedizone a number that will soon touch millions. Onward with our aspirations!

As the name suggest BMMedizone Retailers ki Pharmacy We are in the market to empower small Retailers and provide them a strong support system so that they can get 100 % genuine medicine with GST Bill on wholesale prices at their door step. We are in Business since 32 Years and hence are very well aware about the problems and challenges which Retailers face thus to solve their problem and give them Strength we launched an Application and Website through which you can easily upload your demand and fulfill it.

No hassle of going into wholesale markets and collecting medicines, easy payments through Paytm, Bhim App or Bank Transfer are few basic features and much more to go once you download this App on your mobile device.

Your Order and its fulfillment is now in your Pocket.